Sunday, 11 September 2011

One of each please

 These boots are just some from a very long list of styles i really want as part of my wardrobe this autumn/ winter. All of the above are from Topshop... Of course!

Birthday Wishlist ...

I remember the days when your birthday was something you were so excited for, when getting to sleep the night before felt impossible. Not only was it a day dedicated to you but also you were one year older. 

I no longer feel the same excitement... The thought of not being a teenager anymore upsets me .... being considered a moody git cannot be accepted as a past time of an average teen.  

Its my birthday on Tuesday and with little enthusiasm I've put together a little wish list for my mum... to avoid the chance of disappointment.
Excuse the boots obsession, when doing a bit of online shopping these are just some of the things I've seen. I'm going down to Glasgow next weekend so will save some pennies to hopefully get some more purchases.

Meghan x