Sunday, 26 February 2012

Hair Envy ...

I remember being younger and saying to my mum ... 'when I'm older i want to have rainbow coloured hair', well many years on that ambition has sprung to mind again but not quite to the same extent. I've been keeping an eye on Kelly Osbourne's ever changing purple rinse recently. The latest image of her to make my mind up was at the Grammy's seen below

I currently have greyish white hair and use and endless supply of purple shampoo, to block out the brassy tones. So when i seen Kelly's hair i thought it would be best to take it that one step further and just dye it purple.

Ive ordered the Crazy Colour in Lavender and La Riche Directions in Lilac to try them both. Knowing that they fade it can only help the colour of my hair... it will either be the purple rinse or once faded will help achieve the grey colour i have just now. So whats the worst that could happen ....
Even still Dame Edna's hair is very in right now. I ordered my hair dyes yesterday from Crazy Hair Colour
They do free delivery and discounts for the more you buy, not too bad considering these hair dyes can be quite pricey. So hopefully they should arrive by the end of the week so i can do my hair Friday evening. I'm working all this week so wouldn't want to chance a dye mishap with work the next day, i get enough grief from people at work with my grey locks so couldn't imagine the comments i would get. Here's some more images that inspired me to go for the purple rinse look

So I have a week long of work ahead of me and uni on thursday to add to the mix, so after a stressful week I should have a new post with hopefully a successful purple rinse in the style of Kelly O rather than Dame Edna on Friday.
Meghan x 


  1. Dame Edna is my hair & make-up idol....lavender hair and bright red lipstick <3 x

  2. The lavender hair looks surprisingly amazing on these ladies - really flattering. Good luck with yours!

  3. Beautiful Hair Color

    Love Meroda

    P.S great blog +1 new Follower